With a diverse background based as a professional ski patroller and EMT both in Australia and the USA, Matt has extensive experience in the multi-faceted world of rescue with a focus on training others. Matt also has experience as an Emergency Response Officer for one of Australia’s largest gold mining precincts, responding to all medical, fire and rescue calls. From the sub-zero temps and snow of the mountains through to the heat, dust and humidity of an underground mine, Matt is also a highly skilled photographer and has captured many of RR+R’s memorable experiences on camera.


VET Partnerships, QA, Rescuer, Advisor & Facilitator

Areas of Expertise

  • Adventure + Outdoor
  • Alpine + Sub Zero
  • Aviation + Air Safety
  • Fire + Hazmat
  • Land + Environment
  • Underground + Mining
  • Casualty + Trauma Management
  • Client Relations + Service
  • Incident + Emergency Management
  • Operational Learning + Assessment
  • VET Compliance + Quality Assurance
  • Extreme Photography
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