Grant has been affiliated with RR+R for over 10 years and has been instrumental in RR+R’s Alpine and Vertical disciplines. He has 14 years experience operating and coordinating mountain rescue at Aoraki/Mt Cook, NZ with the majority of rescues and recoveries involving helicopter insertion and extraction. He is also a respected member of the NZ cave rescue fraternity and has pioneered the exploration of some of the deepest recorded caves. Grant also trains and mentors rescue operators in canyon rescue and ski patrolling and has expertise in difficult access, swift water and emergency management. He has gained and applied his skills internationally and authored several specialised rescue publications.


Operations Manager RR+R NZ + Senior Facilitator

Areas of Expertise

  • Adventure + Outdoor
  • Alpine + Sub Zero
  • Aviation + Air Safety
  • Land + Environment
  • Underground + Mining
  • Casualty + Trauma Management
  • Client Relations + Service
  • Marketing + Sales
  • Incident + Emergency Management
  • Human Skills Factors +
  • Emergency Management Systems +
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