As the Founder of RR+R I realised a long time ago that RR+R’s success was based on an uncanny ability to track down and source the best of the best in their respective fields of expertise. All of RR+R’s operational team members have been “on the pointy end of the stick” – they’ve earnt their stripes with their ego’s planted firmly in their back-pockets. The fact is that when our team members do what they do best, it’s rarely disclosed or discussed in the wider community, Those they serve have little or no idea of the times they have knuckled down to do what they do best – apply their skills and save lives.

We’ve got a couple of throw-away lines for this in RR+R and one of those lines is “Storm Proof & Capable”. I can recall all too many occasions where members of RR+R’s team have applied their skills and saved the lives of others in the worst conditions mother nature can muster. On almost every occasion the moment has slipped under the radar without fuss or fanfare – known only to those they have rescued and their loved ones.

When one of our own is recognised within the wider community, its a very humbling and rewarding moment – for me personally the feeling of pride overwhelms me. This recognition has been even more sobering, as Craig’s wife Sonia earnt a “mention in dispatch”.

Craig, all those who care and have regard for you are all very appreciative of your skill and dedication and the decision you made to save a life at risk. Well done!

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