Payment Policy

RR+R prefers prepayment of invoices where possible or within 7 days of the commencement of the program.  Alternatively agreed trading terms can be negotiated. Late payment may result in interest charged at 5% per week on outstanding amounts.

Cancellation Policy

Fees will be charged in full where the client/ participant fails to attend or commit and fails to provide notice of intention of non-attendance or the participant’s representative fails to provide notice of intention of non-attendance. Please note that for the purposes of this clause the representative is the person who completes this form and is listed as “Contact” above. Where notice of non-attendance is provided either by the participant or the participant’s representative, the following fees will be charged:

Notice 0 – 7 days prior to agreed and scheduled date:  100% of the quoted fee and non-refundable transit and accommodation related expenses incurred by RR+R, Notice 7-10 days prior:  50% of the quoted fee and non-refundable transit and accommodation related expenses incurred by RR+R.

Non Attendance Policy

Where non-attendance on a course is advised due to circumstances beyond the participant’s control and these reasons are communicated to and deemed valid by Risk Response + Rescue, the participant may be entitled to credit for future course attendance. This credit is transferable. Failure of participants or the participant’s representative to meet course pre-requisites as per course participant advice will result in full fees being charged at the discretion of Risk Response + Rescue as noted in the cancellation policy.

Course Refunds Policy

Course fees are refunded in full to affected participants if the course is already full, Risk Response + Rescue cancels the course for whatever reason, Risk Response + Rescue has determined that the training has not met usual quality standards and/or the course did not substantially follow the course outline, or course outcomes stated in the course information, or the negotiated content agreed upon by the candidates.

No Poaching / Restraint Covenant

RR+R commits significant resources to sourcing, developing and providing quality professionals to meet the Client’s needs in delivering our specialised services.  The Client undertakes that it, or any associated entity, will not, during the currency of this agreement / engagement or for a period of 12 months following the termination of this agreement / completion of the engagement employ, or offer employment to, or contract or solicit the services in any form of any employee or sub-contractor of RR+R either directly or indirectly, to the exclusion of RR+R, whether they remain contracted to RR+R at the time or not.

The Client acknowledges that the restrictions contained in this clause are reasonable in the circumstances and necessary to protect the business of RR+R.  Should in the future these restrictions be judged to go beyond what is reasonable for the protection of the interests of RR+R, but would be valid if part of the wording were amended, the restrictions shall be deemed to apply with such amendments as may be necessary to reasonably protect the interests of RR+R.