The following news article is a reminder to all workers of the dangers of confined space entry. Fortunately this incident did not end in tragedy but the dangers associated with confined spaces can catch you out if unaware.

Risk, Response + Rescue encourages all persons to review the Confined Spaces Code of Practice and / or inquire about confined space training for your business, personal development and even for your family farm.

Ensuring that you are managing your confined space appropriately is not costly and ignorance of these hazards could cost more than you think.


A farmer and five rescuers have been taken to hospital after the man was extricated from a grain silo.

The man, aged in his 60s, was trapped waist deep in barley inside the silo on his family’s dairy farm at Axe Creek, east of Bendigo in central Victoria.

The man was trapped in the silo for up to two hours in 35C heat before family members raised the alarm.

Country Fire Authority regional operations officer Chris Jacobsen said with direct sunlight shining on the galvanised steel silo, temperatures inside reached 55C.

He was flown to Bendigo Hospital in a stable condition.

WorkSafe is investigating the cause of the accident.

See the Sky News article HERE.

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