Risk Response + Rescue offer a VET Partnership model as an alternative to direct supply of training and assessment services.  We specialise in VET Partnerships for high risk operational learning and assessment. RR+R is proudly the ‘Partnered’ Registered Training Organisation of choice to many quality organisations across a range of industry sectors.

Our Partnership model provides the opportunity for organisations to deliver learning and assessment as if they were an RTO. Our Partners focus on the delivery of training and assessment from our extensive scope of registration, while we manage the hassles of quality and compliance associated with RTO registration requirements. Our VET Partnership model enables significant financial savings while providing a productive learning environment that promotes continuous improvement and champions a positive change in workplace behaviour, motivation, ownership, morale and conditions.

RR+R’s VET Partners are fully supported by RR+R’s highly qualified trainers and assessors, specialised and operational mentors, quality resources and a dedicated team of administration and compliance personnel.  By forming a VET partnership, efficiencies can be achieved by sharing training resources with RR+R and other partnered organisations and recognition of internal training activities.

As the Lead RTO, RR+R retains responsibility for the VET outcomes and compliance with the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisation, but the day-to-day training and assessment responsibilities can be shared between both organisations.

VET Partnership benefits provide:

Significant cost savings compared to engaging an external training organisation to deliver your training and assessment.

VET Partners pay RR+R a one-off fee to establish the partnership and endorse their trainers and assessors, then a per participant per program price as you schedule and run your programs.

We charge additional fees if you need to draw on our expertise over and above our standard services.

Many of our additional fees are negotiated directly with the VET Partner.

Access to Nationally Recognised courses and programs as well as customised and contextualised training development which meets the VET Partner organisation’s operational needs and organisational requirements.

Mentoring, validation and development for Trainers, Assessors and Subject Matter Experts to deliver specific workplace training autonomously provides the VET Partner with a larger base of high skilled personnel, and a diverse range of in house experience and delivery techniques.

VET Partners and RR+R have access for their staff to participate in professional work experience opportunities, where suitably qualified personnel attend relevant assignments and gain exposure to valuable skills and experience.

Regular updates regarding training and compliance, changes in standards and regulations, equipment information, newsletters, partner education days and much more.

Seek relevant funding for training as appropriate – RR+R have had substantial success in gaining funds for our partners to deliver training across Australia. References are available on request.

Staff development and career pathways for the workforce also providing stability, sustainability and consistent processes across training.

Improvements in staff retention and attendance for training, motivation, ownership and morale within the organisation’s team.

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