We are specialists in safety and emergency management in high risk operations and environments.

We have conducted nationally accredited training throughout Australia and abroad in some of the most hostile environments, spanning marine, alpine, deserts and underground.

We have a distinguished reputation of respect and credibility in the fields of risk, response and rescue.

As “Trainers of the Trainers” we are widely recognised as applying “world’s best practice”.

Our services are regarded as a benchmark.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of highly specialised services to organisations and industry professionals facing the challenges of high risk operational workplaces.

High Risk & Extreme Photography

RR+R has a network of leading photographers who have captured the most awesome images in the most awesome places. We have the team to capture the moment by picture, film or video in any high-risk, extreme or remote location.

Inspirational Speakers

We pride our self on our team. We have a network of real people who have amazing life stories and experiences to share. All our team have helped others and through sharing their life’s experiences they can inspire and motivate others to take on a new perspective in life.

Capability and Compliance Reviews

Capability and compliance are essential for high risk workplaces and emergency response organisations. We have reviewed and implemented policies, procedures and protocols for high risk organisations who are astutely aware there are no second chances when lives are at risk.

Emergency Management and Preparedness

Whether you have an established operation or you are in the initial stages of ramping up a new venture, our highly experienced team can ensure you have a level of emergency preparedness suitable for your business exposures. We can review your current capability for effectiveness from the initial raising of the alarm through to post incident debriefs.

Human Skills Factors

Human Skills Factors are crucial to performance especially in critical situations. The key components include situational awareness, decision making under pressure & state management. These give you the edge in performance.

Specialist Staffing Solutions

Our staff are hand-picked. Their experience has been qualified and quantified. We ensure they not only meet your immediate needs but remain up to date with the latest techniques, technologies, protocols and equipment to ensure your workplace remains properly protected so you can sleep easy knowing they’re on the job.