Aviation Consultancy

Risk Response + Rescue offers aviation consultancy, an area often closely associated with Search and Rescue in theatres.
Our consultants are specialists in military, civil and airline operations and their ranks include: pilots, aircrewmen, engineers, off-shore personnel, former civil aviation inspectors and regulators.

We offer broad consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Most aviation related activities and legislation including Search and Rescue,
  • Full risk based audits and risk assessment of specialised operations by helicopter and aeroplanes
  • Full operations audits of aeroplane and helicopter operators
  • Full audits of maintenance organisations and facilities
  • Full audits of administration facilities of aviation operators
  • Independent accident and incident investigations
  • Independent pre-certification audits of operators
  • Aquaint intending clients with helicopter and specific aeroplane considerations
  • Assist clients in the production of tender documents where aviation services are integral with proposed projects
  • Assess suitability of aviation operators on behalf of clients requiring specialised aviation services
  • Contract operators on behalf of intending users to perform all types of aviation operations and services
  • Oversee progress of aviation based services on behalf of clients
  • Make recommendations on the quality of service provided
  • Provide advice in aircraft accident considerations, aircraft evacuation, deployment of survival equipment and survival in remote areas (maritime, desert, alpine)
  • Provision of specialised research and consultancy where a need is identified

Adult Education Principles

RR+R have expert staff who have graduate & post graduate qualifications married to extensive workplace experience in Adult Education & Learning. All of our courses are based on Adult Learning Principles and we are able to extend this service to our client’s own new, or existing, courses.
We take into account such things as: previous learning, experience, emotional & psychological states, reinforcement, diverse backgrounds, learning types, relevant resources, passive & active learning, support, communication and behaviour.

Competency Mapping

RR+R can design & develop matrixes that map competency profiles against company needs.

Competencies can be drawn from a number of sources depending on the focus and context identified by the client and can include: National Training Packages, Standard Operating Procedures, position descriptions, Australian Standards, Overseas Competency sets and enterprise Safe Work Method Statements.

Course Design

Course design can take two main forms: customisation of existing courses and/or the design of new courses. RR+R has extensive experience in both these areas and uses information from: competency mapping, competency profiling, Training Needs Analysis, internal & external research, endorsed Training Packages and the client’s own resources. Risk, Response + Rescue do not believe in off the shelf courses.

All the courses RR+R delivers are customised to some extent to ensure we meet the needs of our clients. Our staff have designed and delivered courses from Graduate level through to short on-the- job training sessions.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

RR+R can survey and develop detailed emergency evacuation plans to complement workplace emergency procedures.

Evacuation plans can be drafted for buildings, factories, workplaces, and large outdoor arenas. More than just floor plans, RR+R has expertise in all sectors including aviation, maritime and underground.

Customised Training

At RR+R we have pioneered the customisation of training and assessment programs to the workplace. Our experience has proven that ‘off the shelf’ courses are rarely applicable to meet the specific needs of industry.

We are proficient at customising training using the best industry experience and resources available from within the workplace.

Whilst it is often possible to customise training around nationally recognised units of competency, it is also possible to tailor a course around an industry need without it being nationally accredited. Often, training can be offered in a flexible format designed around the realities of a busy workplace.

If you think ‘off the shelf’ courses are too restrictive or would like to customise training for your specific needs then please speak with us. In many cases this customisation can occur free of charge although more challenging projects will require individual negotiation.

Escorted Entries

Escorted entries are our specialty. RR+R can mitigate the risk associated when entering high risk operational environments.

We will conduct a detailed risk analysis, gain regulatory approval, manage the risk, and provide for contingencies should unforseen circumstances arise.

Examples of escorted entries conducted by our staff include Antarctica, the remote Australian Deserts, underground environments for the purpose of recommissioning or inspecting mines, tunnels, caves and sewers, places of great height or extreme environmental risk.

Our team has literally accompanied persons from the bowels of the earth to the top of the world.

These services are typically highly specialised and ‘one-offs’ that provide ‘peace of mind’ for persons in positions of responsibility.

Gap Analysis

RGap analysis can be determined using client data or that generated through a TNA conducted by Risk, Response + Rescue.

Gap Analysis can also assist in determining the type of issues & problems that exist in the workforce: it is well known that not all problems can be solved through training alone.

Job & Competency Profiling

Risk, Response + Rescue can profile positions, or roles, within a company structure to determine the competency requirements to carry out specific tasks. Profiling can be used to modify existing positions, create new ones and ensure a full set of competencies are present within a team.


Risk Response + Rescue can offer discrete and targeted mentoring to staff members at any level in an organisation. Mentoring is often needed when change strategies are introduced, when managers, team leaders, supervisors, trainers & assessors need to learn new procedures and methods.

Mentoring can be face to face or by other means such as e-mail and telephone. Examples of where we have provided mentoring are: preparation of induction courses for emergency response employees, implementation of operational leadership programs, changes in procedures for RTO compliance audits, writing of accredited courses, the introduction of endorsed Training Packages and the development of industry standards and strategies for evaluation.

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of finding and controlling harmful exposures in the work environment.

RR+R has assisted several organisations to develop task specific risk management solutions for high risk operational environments.

Our process is to:

  • identify the hazard
  • assess the risk
  • eliminate or control the risk via the implementation of the hierarchy of controls and
  • on-going monitoring and review of the control measures to ensure risks are controlled to acceptable levels.

Premium Support

RR+R provide premium support services for key individuals within partnered organisations. These commercial services signficantly enhance operational performances in key disciplines. They are context and organisational specific and are provided on a ‘one-on-one’ basis with a focus on client specific outcomes. They contribute to current, autonomous and sustainable client systems.

Procedures Development

RR+R has the expertise to consult with key stakeholders and assist organisations with the development and implementation of workplace procedures for high risk operational environments.

Quality: Continuous Improvement

Our approach is based on the identification of the key areas of the business and attaching measurable criteria against them.

Self- assessment is the central tool used in the system and from it improvement and implementation plans are developed. These are translated into action plans.

Training & Assessment Systems: Evaluation and Analysis

A systematic evaluation procedure is central to the development of training a competent workforce.

Risk, Response & Rescue can review current systems of assessment & training by using evaluation strategies relevant to the needs of the enterprise.

Training & Assessment System Development

Systems can be designed, with implementation strategies, for large or small organisations, divisions, RTO’s or one person operations. Such systems lend a consistent, reliable & credible structure to your training & assessment practice.

Systems are based on Standards required by the industry and incorporate enterprise principles and practice. RR+R can write policies and procedures to support the systems and link them to existing quality measures.

Training Needs Analysis

Risk, Response + Rescue can assist companies to conduct TNA’s through Operations Analysis such as job descriptions/specifications, performance standards and observation.

Analysis at an individual level is also offered which includes, observation, questioning and consideration of core skill sets.